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Holiday Gift Boxes to be distributed for our hospitalized veterans. Click here to find out how you can help.

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Become a Member of the 80/90 Club Today!

The 80% Club guarantees a minimum of 80% of your donation will be used for programs directly disabled veterans (with a minimum donation of $300.00). Since this special account was established in 2009, we have actually used 90% of the funds received for programs benefiting disabled veterans, and it is our hope to continue with this 90% record. However, we will continue to call it the 80% Club in order to allow for any unforeseen expenses which may arise in the future.

We have this special program in place on account that our general fund, the cost to process our donation (postage,envelopes,printing,labor,etc.) easily exceeds 10% of the donation. The various gifts we offer for donors in return for donations are also costly, sometimes up to 50% of the actual donation.

With your substantial and generous contribution of $300.00 or more, you are guaranteed that at least 80% of your money will be used to directly benefit the lives of our local disabled veterans. And don’t forget that so far the 80% Club has actually been the 90% Club since 2009.

Be assured that we keep all of your information private and we use paypal in order to keep all of your information secure. You don't even need a paypal account you can just click the button below and show your support today:

Thank You for your support and for making our programs possible.

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