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Holiday Gift Boxes to be distributed for our hospitalized veterans. Click here to find out how you can help.

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What We Do

The Southern California Wheelchair Veterans Association was founded in 2002. Our local organization was started to assist those veterans returning from the Iraq war, as well as those who were previously disabled in other conflicts. We take pride in our military and what they have done for our country.  Our programs have had a positive impact on thousands of local veterans. We are a “hands on organization” that goes into our local hospitals to visit with these men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Some of the many programs which we have been involved with over the years include gift basket distributions, BBQ's with a live band, The National Wheelchair Games, The Golden Age Games, and the summer and winter sports clinics. We also purchase laptops and desktop computers, voice activated software, exercise equipment, electric wheelchairs, movies on DVD, internet service, cable TV, and many other programs.

These soldiers and their families spend months and even years confined in the hospitals with severe spinal, limb, and brain injuries. We support their rehabilitation and recreation programs by supplying the funds, equipment and support needed to help them get back to living life. 

These are life changing events which last a lifetime!

What's new

We are very excited to announce that we have obtained the land in Havasu Lake Californa to build our Veterans Sports and Recreation Facility. We are in the beginning stages of the plans to build the house but need donations and grants to get it built.

We would like to invite all veterans to come out and have fun! After returning from battle, we can show them that life can be good again, that they can enjoy the things that they enjoyed before they were injured.  We want them to get out with their families in a safe, stress free environment, where they are getting back to living.

Activities would include:
*Spending the day on the boat fishing on the lake or the river.
*Relaxing away the afternoon at the beach or enjoying endless water avtivities!
*Beautiful sightseeing, such as a trip through the Gorge, a visit to the London Bridge or a tour of the Davis Dam.
*Dinner at the Trails End restaurant overlooking Lake Havasu, and afterward a few games at their casino.
*Backyard bonfires and BBQ's

Easter is Around the Corner

Since 2002 we have been bringing hope and comfort to hundreds of hospitalized veterans in our area. Each holiday we gather our resources and head out to the local hospitals to physically hand out gift boxes while supplying the Veterans with Canteen Service booklets. With your donations, which can only be used by veterans, in those local hospitals, for items such as phone cards, books, haircuts, and many more daily essentials. Read More...