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Holiday Gift Boxes to be distributed for our hospitalized veterans. Click here to find out how you can help.

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What We Do

Southern California Wheelchair Veterans Association was founded in 2002. Although our primary focus has been to help those disabled veterans confined in wheelchairs, our organization’s charter states that we are able to help any disabled, ill or hospitalized veteran.

Some of the many programs which we have been involved with over the years include assisting those veterans confined in our Southern California hospitals and in particular the spinal cord injury wards. This includes the purchases of many laptop and desktop computers, software, exercise equipment, electric wheelchairs, movies on DVD, internet service, cable TV, etc. Read More...




Christmas is Around the Corner

Since 2002 we have been bringing hope and comfort to hundreds of hospitalized veterans in our area. Each holiday we gather our resources and head out to the local hospitals to physically hand out gift boxes while supplying the Veterans Canteen Service with your combined donations which can only be used by veterans in those hospitals for items such as phone cards, books, haircuts, and many more daily essentials. Read More...